Free Webinar – Estrogen and progesterone therapies in women

We are happy to share the announcement of the new free webinar of Dr. Hertogue. In this webinar, he will give the introduction to the fourth module of his Evidence-based Hormone Therapies program. The sessions of this module will teach you how to treat women with female hormones in pre- and post-menopause.  When ? February 2,…

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Melatonin and its potential in the fight against COVID19

Melatonin is a bioactive molecule with an array of health-promoting properties; melatonin has been successfully used to treat sleep disorders, delirium, atherosclerosis, respiratory disease and viral infections.1 Except for treating sleep problems, there is significant data showing that melatonin limits virus-related diseases and would also likely be beneficial in COVID- 19 patients.  Indeed, the positive…

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Secured Thyroid supply

Dear Thyroid patients,We are happy to say that we finally have a secured stock of Thyroid. This means that all patients with a prescription can get Thyroid in Canada.For our international patients, you are not forgotten! Your pharmacist should be able to order the way he/she did before the back order. You can also send…

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Endometriosis: a possible link?

April is the Irritable Syndrome (IBS) awareness month in Canada. IBS is a disorder affecting the intestine, involving problems with motility (movement of digested food through the intestines) and sensitivity (how the brain interprets signals from the intestinal nerves), leading to abdominal pain, changes in bowel patterns and other symptoms. Although often disruptive, debilitating and…

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 Montreal April the 10th 2020, (Updated the 28th of May 2021) We are currently living a particular period because of Covid-19. The pandemic affects everyone … but not necessarily at the same level. Some people do not have the chance to get through this period in optimal conditions with a salary and full fridge. This…

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Groupe AFFI Logistique

This letter is addressed to the AFFI Logistics Group, in charge of the packaging and handling of our products. AFFI has been integrating people living with functional limitations for over 45 years. Without them, your medicines could not get to you. Montreal, the 8th of April 2020 Dear Groupe AFFI, dear employees, We have the…

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Nardil announcement

March 18th 2020 ERFA Canada 2012 Inc. is presently in backorder for the product Nardil (phenelzine sulphate) DIN 00476552. Description of product affected: NARDIL (phenelzine sulfate) is indicated in the treatment of depressed patients clinically characterized as “atypical”, “nonendogenous” or “neurotic”. These patients often have mixed anxiety and depression and phobic or hypochondriacal features. NARDIL…

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An Online Survey of Hypothyroid Patients Demonstrates Prominent Dissatisfaction

An online survey of Hypothyroid patients demonstrates prominent dissatisfaction Read the complete study The study was coordinated by ATA (American Thyroid Association) and was published in “Thyroid” journal last June. (This journal has a scientific impact >7 – meaning it is a very credible journal in the market). How was it undertaken? An online survey for…

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Norlutate addback

Norlutate® Norethindrone acetate, Progestin Norlutate® is the only norethindrone acetate 5 mg formulation currently approved on the Canadian market.1 Indications: – Amenorrhea – Endometriosis – Abnormal uterine bleeding due to hormonal imbalance in the absence of organic pathology, such as submucous fibroids or uterine cancer2 Note: NORLUTATE® (Norethindrone Acetate) should be prescribed only to women…

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International Conference on Chronic Pathologies (BELGIUM)

7TH – 9TH SEPTEMBER 2018 ANTWERP BELGIUM Register online now! chronic-pathologies.com/register We are delighted to present to you the preliminary program of our upcoming International Conference on Chronic Pathologies. The conference will take place in Antwerp from Friday, September 7 until Sunday, September 9. Registration starts now, so go ahead and ensure your spot! A…

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