Melatonin and its potential in the fight against COVID19

Melatonin is a bioactive molecule with an array of health-promoting properties; melatonin has been successfully used to treat sleep disorders, delirium, atherosclerosis, respiratory disease and viral infections.1 Except for treating sleep problems, there is significant data showing that melatonin limits virus-related diseases and would also likely be beneficial in COVID- 19 patients.  Indeed, the positive…

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World Thyroid day

World Thyroid day, a message from Dr. Thierry Hertogue, president of The International Hormone Society (IHS) Today is World Thyroid Day. Thyroid is a key hormone. Thyroid hormones stimulate the secretions of many other hormones: growth hormone, adrenal hormones (cortisol, DHEA …) and sex hormones (including estrogen, progesterone, testosterone). Treating thyroid hormone deficiency improves the…

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ERFA Canada is now on Amazon! Discover our products : Lactigel Bacterial vaginosis Fast relief of odors, vaginal discharges and itchiness Helps in the regulation of vaginal pH – Triple action thanks to 3 active ingredients Order here Morphélin Sublingual melatonin Helps increase the total sleep time in people suffering from sleep restriction or altered…

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ERFA Canada 2012 Inc. launches Morphélin

Morphélin is an innovative sublingual spray of Melatonin. Primarily designed to regulate sleep, it also helps travellers to recover more easily from jet lag. Morphélin is available in a 50 mL size for home use and in a convenient 3 mL travel size easy to carry while travelling.   What is melatonin? Melatonin is a hormone naturally…

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Melatonin, an underestimated hormone

Our biological clock decides a lot in our life. Responsible of our daily welfare, it can, if deregulated, be the cause of many troubles, including sleep. The origin of sleep To understand the origin of sleep, it’s important to take a look at the pineal gland. Located in the brain, it “reacts” to the intensity…

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