ERFA Canada 2012 Inc. launches Morphélin

spray webMorphélin is an innovative sublingual spray of Melatonin.

Primarily designed to regulate sleep, it also helps travellers to recover more easily from jet lag. Morphélin is available in a 50 mL size for home use and in a convenient 3 mL travel size easy to carry while travelling.

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What is melatonin?

Melatonin is a hormone naturally produced by our pineal gland (located in the brain). The pineal gland reacts to light by producing more or less melatonin in order to associate sleep with darkness.

If our body already produces melatonin, why take a supplement?

Melatonin production is very unstable and varies depending on light, season or even age.

During a dark and rainy day for instance, our body will no longer make the difference between day and night. We’ll feel tired all day without being able to sleep at night.

Jet lag is the most frequent cause of melatonin imbalance. A melatonin supplement in spray will help its user reset his/her sleep-wake cycle during and after travelling.

It’s also important to mention the lower melatonin production in elderly people.  Even if this lower production is normal, it is often misunderstood and treated with sleeping pills. There is a more natural solution that can help regulate their sleep.

The benefit of a spray

Compared to melatonin pills already on the market, Morphélin is available in a sublingual spray which is absorbed faster and will thus be more efficient since the liver won’t have time to destroy the product when it’s administrated directly under the tong.

It should be noted that Morphélin contains no gas and is thus safe and allowed in planes.voyageur web