Groupe AFFI Logistique

This letter is addressed to the AFFI Logistics Group, in charge of the packaging and handling of our products.

AFFI has been integrating people living with functional limitations for over 45 years.

Without them, your medicines could not get to you.

Montreal, the 8th of April 2020

Dear Groupe AFFI, dear employees,

We have the opportunity to thank you and we are certainly not going to let it go.

For years, we have been working together to provide patients with medicines essential to their health.

Without knowing each other personally, you are an integral part of our daily lives.

In these unprecedented times, our routines, both personal and professional, are upset in many ways.

Of course, we have adjusted to find the right balance between continuing our operations and respecting government measures.

Don’t think that your work is underestimated because without you, it would have been much more difficult.

Every day you take action to maintain the health of thousands of Canadians.

We are thinking, among other things, of the packaging and handling of our Injectable Adrenalin, declared by the government as an essential product for hospitals.

This product saves lives.

As an essential motor of our gear, YOU save lives.

Keep this in mind when working under the new cumbersome procedures.

Think about it at your tenth hand wash in two hours (or rather twentieth…?)

Remember it when you finally get home.

ERFA Canada is proud and grateful to have you as a partner.

From the bottom of our hearts and on behalf of our entire team as well as our patients…


ERFA Canada 2012 Inc.