Secured Thyroid supply

Dear Thyroid patients,
We are happy to say that we finally have a secured stock of Thyroid. This means that all patients with a prescription can get Thyroid in Canada.
For our international patients, you are not forgotten! Your pharmacist should be able to order the way he/she did before the back order. You can also send us a private message if needed and we will assist you with pleasure.

We can say that the Covid-19 situation didn’t help us. All steps of Thyroid creation from the manufacturing to the analysis and transportation are getting increasingly expensive. This is of course due to restricted workforces, decrease of transport facilities, delays with of course cost increases at all steps.
This being said, we didn’t increase our prices for more than a year and we won’t, even if our costs increase.
To finish with the pandemic, most of you may have noticed that pharmacists are now only giving 1 month of your prescription at a time. It is the case for most prescriptions. This has thus nothing to do with our stocks. Again, we have Thyroid for everybody.

After all these words, we really want to thank you.
Thank you for your support despite all the back orders and inconvenience we caused you last year. We know it hasn’t been easy for you. We want you to know that while we were working hard to bring back Thyroid on the market, your warm words were very important and motivating for all ERFA team.
You can now finally be reassured about the supply of Thyroid.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if needed.
Please stay safe.